Make a payment

A deposit is required to secure any order. Payment for this can be made in several ways....

  • Cheque made payable to "C Payne"
  • Cash payment or card payment (in person only)
  • Via Paypal
  • Direct online payment (please contact me for details)
Payment Options

Payment of the balance will be required on collection / delivery but can be made prior to this if preferred.

Pricing..... what's it all about?

Why are custom cakes so expensive? I can get a cake from Asda/Tesco/Sainsbury's* (*delete as necessary) for a tenner!

The first thing to understand is that custom cakes are not cheap.  Nothing that is custom made is ever cheap - custom clothes, custom cars, custom furniture, custom cakes - they ALL cost more, and this is for good reason.

A bespoke cake and it's hand made decorations can take hours, sometimes days (or in some cases weeks!) to plan, create,bake and decorate, so to cover the cost of ingredients, icing, sundries like boxes, boards, ribbons etc, the overheads, and working time, please understand that I cannot charge supermarket prices.

Oh, and mine taste better.

OK,So what am I looking at paying for a Roli Poli cake?

All cakes are costed by taking a base price for the actual cake baked. If it is a 3D sculpted cake, or a multi-tiered cake, I will combine the base cost of all the cakes required to make the finished article, plus sundries (boxes, boards, supports etc)

Then I calculate the time that it will take to convert these cakes into the showstopper that you have asked for. Hand made sculpted items, flowers and complex engineering projects all take much much longer,  so if you have a budget, please let me know up front, and I can plan around that.

Ball-park figure?

  • Round 8" sponge cake - from £45
  • Square 12" sponge cake - from £50
  • Sculpted 3D cake - from £55
  • Two Tier sponge cake - from £80
  • Cupcakes - from £1.70 each